One Hundred and Twenty Three Duets for All Treble Clef Instruments

One Hundred and
Twenty Three Duets for

All Treble Clef Instruments


by Yusef Lateef

“Mr. Yusef Lateef's Flute Book of the Blues and The Repository of Scales and Melodic Patterns have had a profound affect upon my growth as a flutist and composer. His new book, Duets for Treble Clef Instruments, is a remarkable gift to the musical world from one of the greatest artists of the Twentieth-Century, a visionary with vast knowledge of global music.”

James Newton

“Whenever Brother Yusef writes a book about music the best advice I can give any musician is: get it.......... Now!!”

James Moody

“Bro. Yusef Lateef - is one of music's consummate griots. Anything he puts his pen to, is a masterpiece. Anyone who is fortunate enough to learn these duets will profit immensely from Bro. Yusef's work.”

Avery G. Sharp

“The music of Yusef Lateef reflects the soul of an artist who is always evolving. There is nothing formulaic. His music is like planing a journey, making a detour, and realizing that the detour was more satisfying. As a performer his music is a pleasure to learn and accessible to audiences. Amongst the sounds of today's composers, there is a solitary voice singing its unique song for all to hear and his name is ... Yusef Lateef.”

Marcus Eley

“Recognized worldwide as one of the most important musicians of the 20th century, Yusef Lateef has made innovative and lasting contributions as a performer, arranger, composer and educator. A master musician, his creative musical expressions over the last 60 years are legendary and he has enriched the lives of countless listeners and fellow musicians. Never one to rest in the past, in all his capacities, Dr. Lateef continues as a leading force in the current and future directions of music.”

Dr. Leonard Brown
Associate Professor of African American Studies and Music
Northeastern University, Boston
October 1999

“I would recommend studying anything that Yusef Lateef has performed or written. One should take advantage of any opportunity to gain insight about this legendary musician.”

Lynn E. Klock
Professor of Saxophone
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“Yusef Lateef, a long time innovator in a unique style of playing has now shown his prowess in composition. The manuscript that I have received so far indicates that we can look forward to duets that will appeal to players as well as listeners.
My hope is that one day soon Yusef and I will enjoy playing or better yet recording these duets together.”

Hubert Laws