Yusef Lateef - A Gift

Gradually, not hesitating, at times inalienably, functioning as one of many particles.

Yusef Lateef - Tenor Sax, Flutes, Vocals, Keyboards

Adam Rudolph - hand drums, congas, djembe, wood box drum, frame drum, djembe, udu drum, tajida drum, berimbau, kalimba, cowbell, digital rhythm sequences, overtone singing; source samples for the construction of unique digital instruments.

In addition to his work with Dr. Yusef Lateef, Adam Rudolph has led his ensemble "Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures" in concert settings throughout Europe and the USA. His compositions can be heard on many CD releases including those on the Meta Records label: "The Dreamer," an operatic tone poem based on "The Birth of Tragedy" by F. Nietzche, "The World at Peace" (music for 12 musicians) composed in collaboration with Dr. Yusef Lateef, and "Contemplations" the most recent recording of Moving Pictures. To order these CDs and for photos, biographical and touring information please visit the Meta Records website at www.metarecords.com. CDs may also be ordered by mail from Meta Records at 2024 Glencoe Ave., Venice, CA 90291.

M. ABIDH WAUGH - Electric guitar, samplers, synthesizers, programming, original recording, mix, and mastering. Composer, guitarist and computer musician M. Abidh Waugh spent the last portion of the 20th century researching modes of thought which assimilate his interests in music composition, quantum mechanics, chaos, and computer programming. Compositions to his credit include "Spinning Cones" (mezzo soprano, alto saxophone, cello and electronic sound) which was recognized in 1999 by the Society of Composers International; and "Music For Strings" (String Quartet and interactive electronic processing.) His work can also be heard on several YAL Records recordings including, "Like The Dust", "Live In Seattle", and "Nine Bagatelles.

KAMAL SABIR - Drums and PercussionKamal Sabir was born in the South Bronx of New York City, and in his early musical Studies sat under the teaching of master drummers Charles Persip, Michael Carvin, Stick Evans as well as the reputable Jazzmobile workshops.

His non-formal music education also included the influences of his Puerto Rican heritage, the pop culture of his inner city upbringing andmulticultural musical influences from his world travels. Kamal has performed professionally for twenty years. He effectively combines the traditions of African-American music, pop, gospel and other contemporary styles with the exploratory drive of the avant-garde into a uniquely dynamic and personal style. As a five year member of Ornette Colemanís group Prime Time, Sabir is proficient in Colemanís harmonic concept, which has had a major impact on contemporary improvisational music. He has also been the heart of rhythm sections for such important and diverse musicians as Roberta Flack, Delphonics, Cab Calloway, Leroy Jenkins, Leo Smith and Oliver Lake, among others and on tour, has performed in major festivals and concert venues throughout the United States, Canada, Iceland, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Sweden) the Middle East and Japan.


Produced by: Yusef Lateef
Original Recording by: M. Abidh Waugh
Mix and Mastering: M. Abidh Waugh
Recorded at: M. Abidh Waugh's Amherst, MA 1999
Digital Mastering: Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA 2000

Graphic Design: Rick Ward, Hadley, MA