Yusef Lateef - Chnops Gold and Soul

Yusef Lateef, CHNOPS, Gold and Soul Personnel Yusef Lateef - Woodwinds and Keyboards

Avery Sharpe - Electric Bass

Mark Saltman - Acoustic Bass

Adam Rudolph - Percussion


1 CHNOPS 4:01

2 Sound Chamber 4:43

3 Anomaly 6:37

4 Fancy Meeting 6:19

5 Inordinate 4:58

6 Factoring 5:54

7 Bass Case 7:14

8 Quotient 7:26

9 Pensively 4:50

10 Contents of a Lunch Box 6:24

11 Shadow of Leaves 8:57

Total Time 66:53

Alnur Music Publishing Co. BMI

Produced by: Yusef Lateef

Original Recording: Norman Blain Mix and Mastering: Norman Blain Digital Mastering: Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA, 1997 Recorded at: Moonstar Media, Leverett, MA, 1997 Booklet and Traypack Design: Rick Ward

The first thing you'll hear are sound-colors, produced by part-carbonites. These part-carbonites, in one sense, produce AUTOPHYSIOPSYCHIC sounds, in concert, partly as functional combination of their other parts: Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Potassium, Sulphur, Au and Soul.

Thereafter ensues a Chamber of intervals, outlining an Anomaly. Then follows, as a consequence: a Fancy Meeting of Inordinate expressions...Bass melodicals expressive of the high, middle and lower parts in harmonic music.

Now in reality, this is a case for receiving and enclosing music Quotients, filled with treasures of beauty, repeated with evolutionary jewels of sound, as it approaches the high vaults of aesthetics: Pensively, dreamily, wistfully.

Then impinges upon the imagination thoughtful Content of other inner gems, not unlike diamonds transformed into sound...the mind summons the soul to Lunch, in spite of being Boxed within a partly carbonaceous body-container.

The last vibration to be heard is the conversion of the Shadow of Leaves, into deep dark sound images, cast for listeners like bodies intercepting light. It is a deviation, sharply processed, extending impressions in wide outflows of sound particles of unequal length spiraling and dwindling incessantly into myriads: THE GOLD OF INNER CONTEMPLATION.

Yusef Lateef