Yusef Lateef & Eternal Wind Live at the Montreaux Music Festival

YUSEF LATEEF - Tenor Sax, C Flute, Alto Flute, Moan flute, Duckaphone and vocals.

ADAM RUDOLPH-For the past 25 years, composer and hand percussionist Adam Rudolph has recorded extensively and performed at festivals and concerts throughout North and South America, Asia and Europe with many innovators of cross-cultural music, including: Yusef Lateef, Don Cherry, Pharoah Sanders, Shankar, Wadada Leo Smith, Foday Musa Suso Kevin Eubanks, and Hassan Hakmoun. He has appeared as featured soloist in Yusef Lateef’s African-American Epic Suite with Koln Radio Orchestra and Atlanta Symphony. He recently premiered his first Opera, The Dreamer, and is currently leading his own touring and recording ensemble, "Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures." Two recent CDs " 12 Arrows" and "Contemplations" are available from Meta Records at 2024 Glenoce Ave., Venice, CA 90291 or on line at www.metarecords.com

KENN COX - Kenn Cox is a veteran Pianis/Composer of 40 years tenure. Through those decades he has engaged as a performer in improvisational musics performing with a plethora of musical luminaries including Ben Webster Jackie McLean, Etta Jones, Roy Haynes, Eddie Harris, Yusef Lateef and many more. He has also led his own ensembles The CJQ/Contemporary Jazz Quintet and The Guerilla Jam Band.

As a composer he has written nearly 1,000 compositions including works for film, dance and a sacred music suite. Cox rounds out his musical activity by teaching youth and is of faculty to The California State Schools Summer Arts program and is of Adjunct Faculty to Michigan State University’s School of Music and Wayne State University’s Dept. of African Studies.

RALPH JONES - Woodwind player Ralph Jones has been active as an artist in the African-American improvisational tradition for over 30 years. During that time, he has toured throughout the United States and Europe with Pharoah Sanders, Ahmed-Abdul Malik, Yusef Lateef, Ken Cox and Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures. He was a featured soloist with the Koln Radio Orchestra in the world premiere of Yusef Lateef’s African American Epic Suite. Mr. Jones studied the hichiriki with Japanese Gagaku master Togi, and is a founding member of Eternal Wind. His most recent release is "Yusef Lateef & Ralph M. Jones III: Woodwinds" on YAL records. CHARLES E. MOORE - Charles E. Moore has been involved in the Continuum of African Mi (Dogon for "music") as a scholar, teacher, producer, performer, composer, and radio broadcaster for over thirty-five years. Moore has collaborated with many interculturally oriented music artists from around the world while performing in various international venues. His work began in Detroit, Michigan with the Artist Workshop Ensemble and evolved through music groups over the past three decades. Moore’s creative efforts can be heard in other such notable music ensembles as the Penland Polygon Quintet and the Contemporary Jazz Quintet (CJQ.) As a founding member of the Eternal Wind Ensemble, he is currently active in its collaborative musical involvements with Dr. Yusef Lateef.

Moore has finished his studies in the scholarly field of Ethnomusicology at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) where he has earned a Doctorate in Degree specializing in the Continuum of African Mi. His scholarly pursuits have taken him from Wayne State University, Santa Monica College, California Institute of the Arts. Additionally, Moore’s performance work can be found on many record labels including Atlantic, Blue Note, Capitol, Arista, Flying Fish and Tribe. However, his most important efforts can be found in his role as the executive producer and performer for Strata International and Nexus.

Moore performs on a modest range of musical instruments which includes the European Trumpet, Flugelhorn and French Horn; the Tibetan Thighbone Trumpet and Radong (long trumpet); the Indian Conch; Chinese Trumpet and Indonesian Suling. He plays such percussion instruments as the Cuban Batajon, the Middle Eastern Riqq, Tar, Darabukkah, Dayreh, and Dumbek; Chinese Drums, and several Japanese Taiko.

"This live recording of Yusef Lateef’s Autophysiopsychic Music was made on September 6, 1999 at the Ford Montreux Detroit Jazz Festival, an event presented annually by Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts. The recording engineer was Jim Anderson, assisted by Kristina Schwarz. Sound reinforcement and some of the microphones used for this performance were provided by Aerial Enterprises, Inc. "