Yusef Lateef - Earth and Sky

Yusef Lateef –Tenor Saxophon.

Avery Sharpe - Acoustic and Electric Bass Tom McClung - Piano Kamal Sabir- Drums Yusef Lateef - Tenor, Flute and Vocals Sayyd A. Al-Khabyyr - Tenor and Flute

In narrowing our enquiry7 to a single consciousness wherein narrow traclition has flourished, we shall nick some understanding of the littIe room of life wherein live the people with whom this CD is concerned, the norms their intuition take, how the processes of thought operate their thinking.

The consciousness of these people, a people who live aImost at the geographical center of sensitivity are for many reasons well suited to our purpose. THEIR CONSClOUSNESS IS RICH IN THE ELAN VITAL.


Yusef Lateef

Produced by: Yusef Lateef Original Recording: Norman Blain Mix and Mastering: Norman Blain Digital Mastering: Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA, Jan. 1997 Recorded at: Moonstar Media, Leverett? MA, 1997 Booklet and Traypack Design: Rick Ward Hadley, MA