Nadine Shank plays Piano Sonata No. 2 by Yusef Lateef

Piano Sonata No.

From within comes the voice of the heart (telling the truth, and tears), this is the idee fixe.

Oh happy is the passing tone that is freed from silence and united with the existence of organic sound.

The Nonharmonic tones are lonely prisoners (if they) are not seeking to ornament their Neighbor tones.

Yusef Lateef
August, 2003

Pianist Nadine Shank made her concert debut at age 15 with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra of Interlochen, as winner of their prestigious concerto competition.  She was an award winner in MTNA, Manson and Hamlin, and National Federation of Music Clubs competitions.  Ms. Shank earned degrees at the Oberlin Conservatory, receiving the Rudolph Serkin Piano Award and the Pi Kappa Lambda Piano Prize, and at the Indiana University, appearing as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra as winner of their concerto competition.  Her teachers have included Menahem Pressler, Sanford Margolis and John Wustman. 

Ms. Shank is the orchestral pianist with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (Massachussettes), and is Professor of Music in Piano and Director of the Collaborative Piano Program at the University of Massachussettes Amherst.

Nadine Shank has perfomed at such prestigious venues as the Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.; Jordan Hall and the Tsang Performance Center, Boston; Weill Recital Hall, Merkin Hall and 92nd Street Y in New York City; the Cleveland Orchestra's Blossom Chamber Festival, and the Modadnock Festval, New Hampshire.  She has appeared in festivals in Germany, England, Holland and the Virgin Islands. In a duo with violinist Charles Treger for over 10 years, she has performed extensively and has toured in the United States and Poland, most recently playing the cycle of Sonatas for Violin and Piano of Beethoven.  Ms. Shank's performances have been recorded on the CRI, Gasparo, New World and Spectrum labels.  for Centaur she recorded "American-Jewish Art Songs" with soprano Paulina Stark and on the Open Loop label, Ms. Shank and saxophonist Lynn Klock recorded three CD's.  She has recorded numerous "Play-Along" CD's of saxophone and clarinet literature for Open Loop.

She may also be heard with Wayne Tice on the YAL CD entitled: "Wayne Tice Plays the Music of Yusef Lateef."

Theoretical physicists have recently speculated upon the existence of 11 dimensions. In the higher dimensions the laws of physics become more simple and inclusive. In depth study of music reveals that here, too, higher dimensions exist.  The humanistic endeaver transcends stylish directives. Vibration is color as well as motion. Language is poetry as well as rhythm. Intervals become as leaves waving in the wind.

Brother Yusef Lateef, in my view, is a composer and creaive human being whose art travels in these higher dimensions, transcendant of medium or style.  His telescope of intuition ranges far deep into space, toward new galaxies of thought and musical processes.  Freedom, intuition serves the moment of creation. Love and compassion motivates the sharing of these gifts.

In the hands of Brother Yusef, thought, as an impulse serving the heart, becomes a creative gesture. The manifestation can be breath into a flute or breath on an ink droplet. His wellspring of intention may bring forth a novel or a symphony; a saxophonic journey (past to future/ground to sky) or a painting, a poem or a piano concerto.  Always the story is deep, more than 8 decades of life experience coming through clear and beautiful.  Look and listen; imagination, knowledge and heartfelt expression are the guiding principles of real freedom.  Brother Yusef's cultivated intuition leads him (and any of us who chose so) into realms of imaginative flight and expression beyond what we think ourselves to be. So be it. Give thanks.

Adam Rudolph
August, 2003