A Tribute Concert for Yusef Lateef

"...This is some of the most interesting music that I have ever been involved with."
--Yusef Lateef

Tenor Saxophone, Germanic Flute, Algaita, Shannie, Bamboo Flute, Indian Temple Flute, Moan Flute, vocals, Taiwan Koto, and Gourdophone.
Drums: Kamal Sabir was born in the South Bronx of New York City, and in his early musical Studies sat under the teaching of master drummers Charles Persip, Michael Carvin, Stick Evans as well as the reputable Jazzmobile Workshops.  His non-formal music education also included the influences of his Puerto Rican heritage, the pop culture of his inner city upbringing and multicultural musical influences from his world travels.  Kamal has performed professionally for twenty years. He effectively combines the traditions of African-American music, pop, gospel and other contemporary styles with the exploratory drive of the avant-garde into a uniquely dynamic and personal style.  As a five year member of Ornette Coleman's group Prime Time, Sabir is proficient in Coleman's harmonic concept, which has had a major impact on contemporary improvisational music.

Piano: Born in Manhattan, New York City, I grew up playing the piano since I was seven years old. I learned at the Harlem School of the Arts with a definite concentration on classical music.  It was not until I was sixteen that I began learning music outside of the classical realm.  I was exposed to the African American art form labeled "Jazz".  At that point I was made aware of the different styles of music from all around the world.  In 1995 I entered the University of Massachusetts and met Brother Yusef Lateef.  The importance of that is that he has given me a way to express my nontraditional perspective of music.  On this recording I get a beautiful opportunity to do what I love to do.  For this I am forever thankful to brother Yusef.


A Tribute Concert for Yusef Lateef
YAL's 10th Anniversary

Yusef Lateef, Kamal Sabir, Alex J. Marcello, Tim Dahl, Juan Cruz and Matt Abidh Waugh

Featuring Hampshire College, The University of Massachussets at Amherst and Five Colleges, Inc.

Bass: Tim Dahl studied electric bass and double bass with Bruce Gertz while in high school. He went on to study music at the University of Massachussets at Amherst.  Theree he studied theory and composition with Yusef Lateef and double bass with Sal Macchia.  Also while studying at UMass, Tim Dahl performed with Yusef Lateef and Archie Shepp.  After graduating in 1997 he moved to New York and has since performed with Stanley Jordan, Cody Moffet, Dougie Browne, Yusef Lateef, Bob Dee, and his own group: the Hub.  The Hub is made up of Tim Dahl, Sean Noonan, and Dan Magan. They have toured extensively throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan.  They have also produced three albums: Vandalism, Acciden,t and their newest release: Trucker (Innova Records)
Tenor Saxophone, C Flute, Alto Flute, "Natural" hole flutes, Bamboo Zephyr Cylinder, Guideon/sp;icket Cruzophone, miscellaneous custom instruments. "Juan's inventiveness and creativityh is only surpassed by his humbleness." --Yusef Lateef. "Juan Cruz is a former student who possesses a wonderful sense of imagination and sensitivity and brings an original concept to everything he does."--Archie Schepp
Electric Guitar and Live Computer Processing