Audio Book available exclusively on Apple iTunes. Yusef Lateef - Another Avenue















Audio Book available exclusively on Apple iTunes. Yusef Lateef - Another Avenue







"The realization that the Earth is a black hole became reality."







"The reality manifested itself in unsuspected ways."

  From the Author:
While preparing this book, I had a discussion with brother Bashir-uddin Mehmud. He suggested the title for this book.

I thank him heartfully.
Yusef A. Lateef, October 2008
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            This novella is a sequel to the author’s preceding work entitled: Night in the Garden of Love.
            In this novella the intent is to allow the readers to experience through word imagery some of the mind experiences of the author, who has been a professional musician, teacher and composer for over fifty years. The author’s untraditional use of terms is by choice, to produce sense impressions.
            The scenes and places are replicas of the author’s perception, and the psychological drama embodied in the characters stems from the author’s penchant for psychological encounters. Although the characters are fictional, their dispositions are filtered through the author’s mind-set.
            Mr. and Mrs. Scorpii symbolize part of the international population, which the author has envisioned over the years. The turbaned woman represents the essential woman who is appreciated and needed.
            Cafarelli, capriciously with his love of existence, the universe and humanity, is a personification of the author. The child, who is seen but never speaks, is an expression out of the author’s generation; however, it is ironic that the child never speaks, for the author believes strongly that a child’s voice is a sound of beauty.