Yusef Lateef

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{accordion mode=manually} Another Avenue :: 

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This novella is a sequel to the author’s preceding work entitled: Night in the Garden of Love.

From the Author:
While preparing this book, I had a discussion with brother Bashir-uddin Mehmud. He suggested the title for this book.

I thank him heartfully.
Yusef A. Lateef, October 2008

Preview Another Avenue Audio Book read by Yusef A. Lateef

Audio Book available exclusively on Apple iTunes. Yusef Lateef - Another Avenue



|||| Rain Shapes :: 



These pages came about during a concert tour of the United States, Europe, and Tunisia. I am grateful to Albert Heath (Kuumba) for helping to bring this book into being. I want to mention one quality of his that's important for the reader of these pages to remember. Kuumba is a remarkably honest man. In talking to him, as I did during the tour, I learned to respond to a mind that not only is original but insists on telling you exactly what it thinks. In other works, this book is the result of an honest conversation between two men, who have lived their lives as professional musicians. The purpose of this book is to focus attention on the question, what contribution can the study of improvised music make to our understanding of human nature? In one or another manifestation, this question threads its way through contemporary Western thought. In an age that is self-conscious and concerned about how improvised music mirrors human mental processes or shapes the flow and character of thought„these are topics for study and speculation by music„lovers and scholars„including those with a wide variety of interest, points of view, and intellectual backgrounds. Regardless of one's interest, this book is very important and it certainly deserves serious study. I view improvised music as something more than an artistic form of communication through which the musician conveys his emotional moods and ideas to others. Many philosophers have attempted to find out if music has its origin in some "high source," which transcends human understanding. Some believe that moral overtones can be detected in melody and ethical significance in harmony, nuance and rhythm. Some believe that music affects human behavior. Some have decided that music can improve or degrade character. I conclude that this book represents important insights into the above notions. Also, it deals with other entities related to music. 
--Yusef A. Lateef Planet, Earth, 1986 


|||| Spheres :: 





Stories by Yusef Lateef

Yusef Lateef has been making great music for more than three decades. I have had the privilege of hearing his music for about half of that time span and it has affected me. I believe he is one of the most original composers and certainly one of the most distinctive instrumentalists this or any other country has produced. I hope it isn't too long until the general public discovers what musicians have known and acknowledged for many years: Yusef Lateef is a giant.

It is not surprising to discover that Yusef prose has many of the same qualities as his music: originality, strength, depth, imagination, versatility, tranquility, color, spirituality, communication. He challenges and stimulates; he paints vivid and often visceral pictures; he preaches and teaches when he feels the situation demands it. He composes tone poems with words, often fading in and out on a scene from life as a piece of music might do on a recording or in live performance.

Yusef Lateef is one of our most skilled and devoted practitioners of that art form known as The Blues. Now he has translated The Blues from music onto the printed page.

Open your eyes and hear!



|||| Night In The Garden Of Love ::



OF LOVE by Yusef A. Lateef

Night in the Garden of Love, by Yusef A. Lateef, is a wonderland of lyrical imagery drawing on various forms of art to add to its power. This novella is set in earth's future; though only twenty years hence, man has advanced scientifically: "the realization that the earth was a black hole became a reality.... The earth was gradually transforming itself into a protostar; therefore, the earth's atmosphere was unstable." As the earth changes, so does man's makeup. Emotions are unstable, "characterized by anxiety, depression, and euphoria. . . [of] epidemic proportions."

Artists, too, reflect the changes in mankind. Dr. Lateef creates central characters in his novella that will best convey the experience of art. There are Mr. and Mrs. Scorpii, symbolizing the appreciative audience who bring the greatest gift in return for the art: appreciation. Witness the mysterious turbaned woman, who appears and vanishes apparently at whim, who desires to add to the artistic process and, in fact, inspires it. The mutant, dancing his way mutely through most of the story, finds clearer expression when he meets Cafarelli, who loves his music and the joy it can bring humanity. Night in the Garden of Love embodies the human experience as captured by art.



|||| Autobiography - The Gentle Giant ::

  |||| Autophisopsychic - A Work of Art Poster:: We present a critically acclaimed portrait of Yusef Lateef. This Word of Art poster is printed by one of the world's finest lithographers. It is printed on acid-free, heavy weight, museum quality paper. The printing process reveals subtle details visible in the original photograph, yielding extensive rich tones and uncommon clarity. Actual size 23 1/2" x 30" Poster price $20.00 Signed on request Shipping and handling within the United States $5.50 (allow 2 weeks). Outdide the United States $7.50 (allow 2-6 weeks) Available for a limited time only.           {/accordion}


“The Dogon people of Mali have a word which describes the inner spirit of a person expressed through the voice of their musical instrument. This extraordinary musician and human being has been sharing his music with us for over six decades. When we hear Yusef play, we hear his life story. Now we have an opportunity to read his life story. He is the prototype of the modern Renaissance artist.” – Adam Rudolph